The federal skilled trades’ class was introduced in January 2013. It is intended to help fill Canada’s growing labour shortages in certain skilled trades by facilitating immigration through selection criteria that better reflect tradesperson’s particulars.

The Federal skilled trade’s class puts more emphasis on practical experience as many trades people could not meet the selection criteria established for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

You must meet the requirements of the program to be eligible to apply.

Requirements of the Federal Skilled Trades Program:
  • Have an offer of employment in Canada Or certificate of qualification from a provincial authority in a skilled trade.
  • Meet the Canadian Language Benchmark minimum language score of CLB 5 for listening and speaking and CLB 4 for Reading and Writing
  • 24 months of Work experience in the same skilled trade in the last 5 years.
  • Be qualified as defined by the NOC to satisfy the requirements of the job offer(s) or trade in Canada.

Application Process

Final Steps of Application processing before getting Permanent Residence:

Once selected from the Express Entry pool and granted an Invitation to Apply (ITA), as part of the Canadian immigration application process, applicants and their dependents must also undergo medical examinations and receive security clearances.

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